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Please complete the fields below to submit your Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan for review by Hillsborough County Emergency Management, per the Agency for Health Care Administration’s licensure requirements.

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CEMP Criteria:

✔ Ensure plan content addresses AHCA criteria in good faith, nothing should be blank
✔ Check dates on fire safety plan approval documentation (Inspection Report/Letter)
✔ Check dates & signatures on agreements
✔ Verify correct evacuation zone is listed
✔ Verify Emergency Power Plan (backup generator) is fully completed for ALFs/NHs✔ Check that evacuation routes are included
✔ Check that they have at least 1 receiving facility that is not located in an evacuation zone
✔ Verify that the plan does not state they will go to public shelters or rely on county transportation (unless it is one of the 5 county-run adult day cares who will use Sunshine Line)
✔ Check for the Infection Control Addendum (New requirement)
✔ Check for locations of Carbon Monoxide Detectors (for ALFs ONLY)